Industry Award Winners

Building and Construction Industry Award

Presented by Thomas Nowak – Training Prospects

WINNER –  Benjamin Evans ( SMGT – hosted by Centofanti Builders)

Ben has realised a long held ambition to become a carpenter.
His punctuality, people skills, work ethic has made him one of the success stories of these awards.

Ben’s looking forward to continuing to work with Centofanti Builders.

Ben has confidence in the future of the Riverland and is committed in assisting Centofanti Builders in developing the business beyond his apprenticeship.



Engineering  Industry Award

Presented by Michael Schutze – Renmark Hotel.

WINNER –  Clarke Schober (Angove Family Winemakers)

Clarke’s wide range of skills have quickly made him a key contributor at Angoves Winery at Renmark.

His extensive engineering skills are used on the company’s vineyards, bottling and crushing facilities.

No matter what the challenge, Clarke is regarded by many on staff as their “go to” man.

His attention to detail is reflected by his participation in the World Skills competition for Turning.