2016 Australian School Based Apprentice


Chernoa Morrow

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Employer: Cindy’s Hair & Beauty

Industry: C3 Hairdressing

RTO: Clip Joint Education

Chernoa completed Year 12 at Loxton High School in 2016. During this time, she commenced a School Based Apprenticeship as an Apprentice Hairdresser with Cindy’s Hair and Beauty in Berri. Chernoa has been described as being very dedicated to her training and is advancing very quickly with her studies. She loves the creativity in her work and the opportunity to make people feel beautiful and confident.


Runner up:

Braydon Eckermann

SB App - Braydon Eckermann SB App(30)

Employer: G J Dix Engineering

Industry: C3 Engineering


Braydon completed Year 12 at Renmark High School in 2016. He commenced a School Based Apprenticeship with G J Dix and Sons Pty Ltd in Renmark undertaking Certificate 3 in Engineering (Mechanical). Braydon is described as demonstrating outstanding skills, he loves the variety of his work and looks forward to his career in Engineering.