2023 Industry Category Winners

Cody Schutz

Employed by MEGT hosted by MJC Mechanical Repairs
Certificate III in Heavy Commercial Vehicle Mechanical Technology

Cody undertook a Certificate III in Heavy Commercial Vehicle Mechanical Technology working with MJC Mechanical Repairs and is now a FIFO (Fly in fly out) mechanic in Whyalla and other mine sites.  Cody enjoys problem solving and working alongside more experienced mechanics to learn as much as he can. Cody’s goal is to continue to expand his knowledge and experience and be the best technician he can be in the hopes to start his own business one day.

CITB Building & Construction
Aaron Smith

Employed by SMGT hosted by Smith’s Carpentry & General Building
Certificate III in Carpentry

Aaron is undertaking a Certificate III in Carpentry.  He started with Smith’s Carpentry and is now a sub-contractor. Aaron is following in his father’s and brother’s footsteps who are both Carpenters.  Aaron enjoys continuous learning; he valued his Apprenticeship that gave him a broad understanding of the workforce and what is required to be a successful worker. Long term Aaron hopes to take over the family business and is currently studying to acquire his builder’s license.

Commercial Cookery
Callum Irlam

Employed by Loxton Community Hotel Motel
Certificate III in Commercial Cookery

Callum has had a passion and fascination for cooking from a young age.  He undertook a School based Apprenticeship with the Loxton Hotel and moved on to fulltime after completing Year 12.  Callum hopes to travel the world and learn about different cultures and cuisines and then return to the Riverland and teach the next generation of Chefs.

Monty Wall

Employed by LecLogix Riverland & Mallee Pty Ltd
Certificate III in Electrotechnology Electrician

Monty is now in his 3rd year of an Electrician apprenticeship and working with LecLogix  after completing a week’s work experience while at school. He enjoys working at different locations almost every day, meeting new people and goes home each day with a smile on his face.  Monty hopes to build his own car that can travel off-grid  and around Australia independently.  He is also keen to buy and renovate a home using some of the skills his trade and involvement in the building industry has taught him.

Jackson Thiel
Employed by JMA Engineering
Certificate III in Engineering – Fabrication Trade

Jackson was working in retail during the Christmas Holidays when his current employer asked if he wanted to do a week’s work experience. Being unsure of what his career path was going to look like, Jackson agreed and is now a 4th year Apprentice at JMA.  Jackson was awarded with a Citizenship Award in Year 7 for showing his leadership qualities and embracing the school’s values.  These are traits he has now taken into the workplace.

Wall & Floor Tiling
Zachary Wills

Employed by Manuel’s Tiling & Building Services
Certificate III in Wall & Floor Tiling

Zachary is in his 3rd year of  an Apprenticeship in Wall and Floor Tiling with Manuel’s Tiling and Building Services.  Zac aspires to one day owning his own business in construction, or tiling and building, where his aim is to support other local businesses and the community. Before his Apprenticeship Zac completed a Certificate II in the Doorway to Construction program.