Pam Perre

“I am already well on my way to reaching my dreams as a successful journalist.”

Pam Perre - Trainee of the year 2009

I stumbled into the Traineeships at Karlene Maywalds office as a 17-year-old who had no idea what she was getting herself into.Than proceeded one of the best years if my life.

My employers always placed a strong investment in my skill and career development. Consistently putting me into training workshops and courses that would not only benefit the Chaffey Electorate Office, but me as an individual.

The amazing people who nurtured me in that office were a big part of who I am today. So when I was nominated for the Trainee of the Year awards by these people who were not only my mentors, but my friends, I was incredibly humbled.

After going through the process and the nerve wrecking wait to hear the the announcement, that was matched when I was given the trophy for Trainee of the Year. A flurry, in fact an endless amount of opportunities came about once I had that trophy in my hand and it was all thanks to the experience I had gone through.

After undertaking the myriad of opportunities presented to me, purely because of the Riverland and Mallee Trainee of the Year Awards at just 20-years of age I am already well on my way to reaching my dreams as a successful journalist.


Pam Perre