2018 Apprentices of the Year


Jacob Saunders

Cert 3 in Electrotechnology


Employed by Water Engineering Technologies – SA Water


Jacob is an exception to the rule. SA Water rarely employ electrical apprentices that have not completed Year 12. Jacob had set his sights on being an electrician from an early age and had already completed several pathway courses before the end of year 11.  He applied for a position in Berri at SA Water. They haven’t regretted the move. They have watched this young person develop an intimate understanding around PLC and Scada technology that has helped to design, draw and implement an automation upgrade throughout its infrastructure. This project has allowed SA Water to remotely monitor various aspects of its infrastructure and enable early identification of any potential supply issues or breakdowns. These are skills beyond the standard apprenticeship training manual and underline the commitment and learnings Jacob has undertaken in his own time. His supervisor Darran Bright said that Jacob had matured into a key team member with a drive to be successful in all facets of the job.


2018 Runner up

Benjamin Pilgrim

Cert 3 in Carpentry

RTO: Training Prospects

Employed by SMGT hosted by Big River Developments

As Ben Pilgrim began his apprenticeship with SMGT he developed a clear vision for what skills he wanted to acquire throughout his time. His long-time goal to be an all-round builder/carpenter was underpinned by a desire to always seek self-improvement opportunities. As a result, Ben has gone out of his way to learn extra skills such as tiling, roofing, gyprocking and estimating project costs to provide himself with a wholistic set of skills he can apply on the worksite. These days Murray Knowling is confident to send Ben to a job alone to complete allocated tasks. He has shown a wonderful attitude towards his trade, Murray says.