2016 Industry Categories


Mark Pickering

Ind - Mark Pickering Vocation_Presentation(3)

Gibbs Auto & Electrical

Mark has embraced a lot of extra responsibilities both within his role at Gibbs Auto Electrical and as a senior firefighter with the Monash CFS. He has an ability to communicate with customers to explain all aspects of the tasks required before and after the job. He has proven to be a valuable contributor to his employer’s business and a high achiever.

Building & Construction

William Carr

Ind - Will Carr Construction(29)

Prestige Kitchens & Cabinets

Will is a natural leader who has benefited from his eagerness to learn and incredible work ethic started his building career as a matured age apprentice. He is a self-starter who attributes much of his development to on the job training provided by his employer Tony Romeo.

Commercial Cookery

Melanie Cranmer

Ind - Melanie Cranmer 140217Vocation_Presentation(6)

Loxton Community Hotel Motel

Melanie has added a new dimension to the Loxton Hotel food division helping the head chef provide innovative regional menus. She is a star in the making who is helping enhance the hotel’s dining experience with her positive attitude and enthusiasm to make things better.

Data & Voice Communications

Cody Milne

Ind - Cody Milne 140217Vocation_Presentation(7)

Riverland Data & Security

Cody is enrolled as an Apprentice in Data & Voice Communications and his overall commitment on all levels is outstanding. His problem solving, innovative and forward thinking is adding value to both his employer and customers and suggests he has a very bright future in the communications industry.


Keenan Wilksch

Ind - Keenan Wilksch 140217Vocation_Presentation(5)

Statewide Group Training hosted by Central Irrigation Trust

Keenan’s attention to detail and aptitude for all things electrical have quickly made him a valuable member of the CIT maintenance team. He has shown great motivation towards his work and studies and his development is a credit not only to himself but to his mentors at CIT.


Jacquline Goldfinch

Ind - Jacquline Goldfinch 140217Vocation_Presentation(8)

Cindy’s Hair & Beauty

Jacquline has faced a number of challenges to achieve her goals and has blossomed into one of the finest apprentice hairdressers in the region. She has an amazing personality and passion and the ability to make special connection with young and old to make them feel good about themselves.